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New Post 4/13/2013 12:15 AM
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Kaileb update 

 Hi Fiona, thought i'd post a update, Kaileb is now coming up to 3 years old, he's doing great with his bilateral Cochlear Implants, we are still on the long road of genetic testing, Kaileb was found the have a whole duplication of the EYA1 gene, we've been tested now, including my eldest two children, genetics are trying to fit it all together. Kaileb will be starting pre school this coming sept, which i am dreading, with his delay in language because of his hearing loss and also because he's a wobbly little man so he's going to find it hard going, his balance is affected because it's thought his hair cells are missing in his vestibular region, the balance area, so BOR has caused the hair cells in both his cochlears and balance area to be absent. He's a happy active crazy child, he makes me so proud x

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  The Cain Foundation Forum  Discussion Topi...  Personal Storie...  Kaileb update



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